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         Bitcoin Mining Friends is a new addition to Digital Currency Daily.
             BMF is a community of mining enthusiasts, who have donated funds to help
                 Mr.DCD purchase ASIC mining hardware.

                    The aim of this project is help people who are otherwise unable to mine, to                                                        contribute 
towards mining, and to create a community that can obtain
                     and manage permanent hash power on the bitcoin blockchain, rather
                    then renting 
temporary & unstable hash power from cloud mining services.

               The hash power generated is directed towards the Gorilla Mining Pool.


Phase 01

The first donation phase received roughly 103.66 BSV to purchase
1 Antminer S19j PRO
The device is expected to produce 100 TH.
It consumes roughly 3200W of power.

Phase 01 starting directing hashpower towards Gorilla Pool on 11-26-21

Phase 02

The second donation phase received roughly 238.75 BSV to purchase
2 x Canaan Avalon 1246
1 x Antminer T17

These devices are expected to produce 250 TH
Each device consumes roughly 3200W of power.

Phase 02 started direting hashpower towards Gorilla Pool on 11-26-21


Phase   03

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Phase 3 is managed via BMF Funders NFTs. These NFTs are loan contracts.
The buyer agrees to lend BMF the amount of BSV displayed on the NFT for a minimum 1 year and will receive 15% interest, paid in BSV. The BSV is used to purchase ASIC mining equipment to increase the hash power on BitcoinSV and help fight against potential attacks on the network.

Every recipient will receive back the BSV spent, plus the interest after a minimum 1 year.
Buyers are responsible for any taxation obligations in their jurisdictions.
Buyers can exchange their loan NFTs to other lenders.
NFT will be redeemed upon repayment of BSV loan.

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