Digital Currency Daily Loyalty Coin
on the RelayX Run Network

White Paper Coming Soon

Current Vault Holdings
0.26 $BSV
926 $HST

Vault Wallet 

Premium Bonuses
for holding DCD

Save 10% on media cost
when using $DCD vs. $BSV.

Receive Random Airdrops from DCD.

1,000,000 Supply

Total Supply minted upon launch
on the RelayX platform.

1 $DCD = 0.001 $BSV.

Loyalty Rewards
to Holders

50% of $BSV earned by
Digital Currency Daily

will be held in vault &
airdropped to
token holders after 1 year.


Fully backed by $BSV

Redeem 1 $DCD for
 0.001 $BSV
after Aug 30th 2022.

Reserve amount
 held in vault wallet