All NFTs are available on Relay X NFT Marketplace.
Funds from NFT sales go directly to the NFT Artist and/or Holder.
Anyone can submit an NFT to be displayed for 10 DCD tokens.
Digital Currency Daily does not earn revenue from NFTs listed here, unless personally created.


Designer : Bianca Ziur // @itsbianky on Twitter
Submitted to RelayX Twitter Contest
$5 USD each x 100 copies

Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 10.21.06 PM.png

Source: Twitter @cryptowhale
BtInfoCharts removed BitcoinSV from
its tracking website after BSV
surpassed BTC and ETH in daily transactions.
$5 USD each x 25 copies


Creator : 1richardgray
BSV is the real Bitcoin son!
$10 USD each x 7 copies

2021-10-08 19.38.44.jpg
2021-10-13 15.50.30.jpg

Oculos DOS  NFT
Designer : Bianca Ziur // @itsbianky on Twitter
Oculos dos NFT i am for hire to create graphic design work! Inbox me on twitter by following me @itsbianky and @philippinesbsv for more bsv content.
$5 USD each x 25 copies

Designer : 1dhonbe
Oriental Garden Lizard
$1.75 USD x 10 copies

Secret Santa
Designer : 1bmf
Bitcoin Mining Friends/DCD have created a fun holiday NFT that reveals physical/digital gifts for each recipient of the NFT. Funds raised are donated to families in need for the holidays
0.25 BSV x 200 copies
reveal once sold out.