15 BSV New Years Celebration 50/50 Raffle!

This is your chance to get blasted into the stars! DCD/DigitalCurrencyDaily and BMF/BitcoinMiningFriends are hosting a new years celebration raffle! We're giving everyone the chance to win the 50/50 draw for 15 BSV! The winning ticket will win up to 7.5 BSV - 50% of the total jackpot! The remaining funds will go towards expanding BMF and growing the BitCoin BSV ecosystem with additional hashrate! For new years, we want to bang the pots and pans and fill someones wallet with BSV! Each ticket has been minted as an NFT on Relayx and is listed for 0.1 BSV 150 tickets in total are available fo the draw and will reveal the winner on New Years Eve at 11:59PM UTC! Follow @asicBMF on twitter! Don't miss out on the ultimate chance to stack sats for as low as 0.1 BSV! Tickets are available now on Relay X - https://relayx.com/market/094083440ab45a139cd0f4315a600d1643b4db521133ec020e3bbd9bc973435b_o2

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