A Conversation With $CUB, a tokenized community give-back service on BitCoin SV!

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

I've been exploring around into the BitCoin SV ecosystem over the past few weeks and checking out a vast variety of services available. There are many cool services that run on BitCoin SV, directly on-chain, as BSV is truly programmable money and allows for an extremely high TPS >50,000. Many of these services on Bitcoin SV are actually tokenized - utilizing their own BitCoin Blockchain token. If your into the BitCoin SV community, you know that users can create their own tokens on bitcoin - which is pretty cool. Everyone thought we needed different blockchains to realize the full potential - but the original bitcoin blockchain is capable of it all. On BitCoinSV, there are a few services that allow you tokenize on chain. RelayX would be one of those services. Many great tokens have been created on the RelayX RUN Network and can be found on the relayx.com exchange.

One that really stuck out to me was CUB token. I really do like this project. CUB's core focus is being an on-chain transparent charity that is powered with the CUB token. As you know at Digital Currency Daily, our main focus as always been giving back to the community and finding/sharing ways that individuals can grow their value in the community. CUB matches perfectly with what I like to share. The core goal is true. You can learn all about CUB and access their social channels on their website. - www.cubonchain.com I had a chance to jump in the DMs with their team and we got down to the questions and I got a chance to get a great understanding of what CUB does in the space for the community. With their consent and excitement, I wanted to share our conversation with the DCD community, as well as everyone else, and hopefully some people find value in what CUB brings to the table and maybe contribute to the mission themselves, or perhaps put more eyes on what they do, maybe someone has ideas to help build out the future with CUB community! Onto the conversation with CUB on Twitter. DCD: So how exactly did the idea come together for $CUB? @CUBTokenBSV: We came up with the idea after we seen some shady stuff happening with bsv meme coins. Burning of coins to certain people. Copy right infringement. Stealing of art. None of the money be put back into the bsv community. So we decided to make a charity meme coin. DCD : Nice, Love the concept if managed properly. How do you distribute the charity rewards you receive? I have seen some PayPistol PewPews being sent out, do you send those to the community with the BSV? @CUBTokenBSV : We don't count pew pews as donations. That just us giving back to everyone. We donate whenever we have a decent amount of bsv to give. We've been donating a lot to @hermansanchezg He's doing a lot of work in South America right now. We focus on helping kids. But we've also donated to veterans and the disabled. One of our co founders lost a kid. The other is disabled from the waist down. And I'm a veteran. We try to keep it so we always have 70% of our profits donated. We have also used @getpaypow gift cards. That allows us to donate to over 2000 different charity. DCD : Oh nice! Paypow isnt as accessible in my area being in Canada, most of what I've had interest in, is US ₿ased or international. Im sure there is lots there available for me, I just haven’t had much extra time to really look. So how you generate the rewards to distribute? Is it from users requesting tokens to collect exchanging BSV? Direct donations? Potential investors directly funding? @CubTokenBSV : By sale of our token and nfts. We are doing a reward system in the future. With airdrops and custom NFTs. DCD : Do you have any type of, I guess you would say, wall of fame? or public page that shows what you have contributed to, or what you plan to contribute to next perhaps? or maybe where the community inputs what should be added? @CUBTokenBSV : You can kinda look at it as, when you buy $CUB you're donating to 100s of different charity's. We are thinking about making a voting system on our website for NFT and coin holders. We started this project June of 2021. So we are building and learning as we go along. DCD : yeah for sure, I have certainly just felt that It was going right back to the community in any way possible, I think it's great what your doing, I know some people will love getting the information to contribute. Nice, I love to see that type of drive, that's exactly how I'm doing it. Better to take it a day at a time than to rush things in the wrong direction. DCD:what was the idea behind the CUB branding design, like aside from all the charity? @CUBTokenBSV: https://ashcancomicspub.com Did our art work. We just wanted fun and cute coin that everyone could get on board with. He's a great ₿itcoinSV artist. Thank you so much for reaching out to us. We really appreciate it. By the way. You can also use $CUB @ShreddysTacos A taco truck in Fraser colorado. DCD : Super cool! Always great to see real world value for your Bitcoin tokens! Any last words to share with the community? @CUBTokenBSV : One more thing. Everything $CUB does with our funds is traceable on the BSV blockchain. No fiat ever. All our donations are done with BSV. The focus is redistributing Bitcoin throughout the community and other positive causes! I think this project is great and deserves more exposure and support! If you want to learn more about CUB Token - Visit their website at www.cubonchain.com

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