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Updated: Jul 3, 2021

We're starting a free promotion for BitCoin $BSV in celebration of migrating to the BitCoin Blockchain. We want everyone to get started using the real BitCoin protocol and become comfortable with Hand Cash and other wallet providers early. It's truly a lot easier than you think, and a lot more user friendly than using BTC. Go figure! Hand Cash is a wallet service provider that helps users transact on the bitcoin blockchain with increased ease and resembles Cash App. Users can send and receive payments with near instant confirmations, with minimal transaction fees directly to their Hand Cash $handle. To ease user adoption, Hand Cash also provides PayMail addresses. Alternatively, you can opt for using BitCoin addresses aswell, but the use of paymail addresses, and handles. This means that once your wallet is created, rather than having to share a complex bitcoin receiving address, you can share your PayMail address, and makes quick repeat payments a breeze. Imagine going to starbucks and just sending $4.55 to $starbucksSF155 to pay at your local starbucks in SF. This is A LOT more user friendly than copy/pasting a string a random letters and characters, completely losing any funds if any errors occur! An example of PayMail addresses would be our Hand Cash PayMail address - or our handle $digitalcurrencydaily. Users can send $BSV to these addresses at any time and be completely confident it arrived to the proper location! I'll be sharing more about handcashapp in a video tutorial soon. Feel free to comment your new $handle or paymail address. I'll send you a small tip in $BSV (cause small payments are actually possible on BitCoin without a centralized layer two solution).

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