How to Integrate Bitcoin SV into Your Business For Payments

Hey, guys, thanks for joining me on another episode of Digital Currency Daily. I want to talk about a Little Rocket POS.

It's a payment processing system available on Bitcoin SV, and I know what you're thinking right off the top. I thought Bitcoin was a payment processing system?! It is. But it makes things a little bit easier for businesses to actually integrate BitCoinSV for payments and transact using BSV. If you want to access this payment terminal on the web browser, you can go to LittleRocketpos com. It is available on mobile too.

You can connect the hand cash wallet to it, and it will be available right in the hand cash app as well, under connected apps, so that you don't actually have to remember the website URL, which is great. To get started on the website, you will want to create an account first. Obviously, I already have one created. We'll start in the terminal section and you can see get started. Welcome to the Little Rocket POS.

To start selling goods, you can enter an open sale for unique totals, or add some products to the purchase menu. Adding items is a great way to create a cash register feel for your sales.

The user can add items to the products menu including a photo, name, category and price. It's pretty easy to configure. Once we have some items added, give the browser a refresh, and it should display our items in the list if you click on them. If you made any mistakes, you can edit them accordingly. Coming soon features include invoices, as well as reports.

Once you select all the items for the transaction, it's going to calculate the rate of Bitcoin SV with your tax rate included, A user can configure their tax rating in the settings. It just gives you the QR code to display to the customer. Your customer would scan the QR code from their Bitcoin SV wallet and you would receive the payment. It's that simple!

Be sure to keep a record of your transactions and fees to provide to your business accountant.

And this is a simple and easy way to accept Bitcoin for your business.

Now bear in mind that financial obligations may vary in different locations. In my area, for example, we can accept cryptocurrency transactions as long as we account them as the dollar value that they were transacted in at the time of sale. So if I'm selling a 15 dollars item with Bitcoin, I mark the sale as a 15 dollar item in my currency and I file my taxes as 15 dollars in revenue accordingly. If I purchased an item that would be an expense with Bitcoin, I would do it the same way.

But I would be expected to sell the Bitcoin immediately after the transaction. If I did earn any profit on the Bitcoin, I believe you are obligated to pay the interest on it, but this is great because what you can do is you can actually just set up an account at if you are in Canada and this will allow you to directly sell your bitcoins immediately, you can sell as low as 50-100 dollars. Very low limits. And they have many options available whether you want to verify ID or do cash in mail, pick up in Ontario/Ottawa in person, express post or direct deposit to your account.

And if you're looking to buy Bitcoin, there's many ways to buy Bitcoin there as well, so that's a great option just to keep you in line with your payments so that you and your business can expand to accept Bitcoin SV. Hopefully someone utilizes information and expands their business to accept BSV. And if they do, I would love to hear your comments down below on how you managed to integrate Bitcoin BSV into your business and what type of services you offer. Maybe perhaps we can maybe do a little video with you involved and share with the community and share more use cases of how BitcoinSV being accepted and maybe inspire new people to get involved in the Bitcoin space and build cool things.

So that's just a quick video for this one.

I just wanted to thank you all for stopping by and giving me your time today. If you enjoy this content, it's going to be posted on streamanity as well. So if you're watching there, feel free to swipe the Pay wall to donate to help support my growth. If you're watching on YouTube, feel free to comment like and Subscribe. I always enjoy feedback and seeing what you guys think of the content.

And if there's any ways that we can improve, feel free to give your thoughts. If you want to tip Bitcoin SV to me directly, you can tip Bitcoin to :

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I want to thank you guys again for stopping by, being real and I hope to see you in the next video. Cheers.

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