It's Daily Exclusive NFT drop!

My community has always been extremely supportive, and giving back is something I've always enjoyed doing. Sometimes, it's hard to weed through the noise and know which accounts are genuine, and which accounts are just spams trying to absorb value from you. One challenge I've always had is figuring that out, but along the way I have discovered that I have actually developed a large, and supportive community, that loves to push things forward in the ecosystem. I wanted to create something that I can be sure everyone involved is genuine in some way. Like a verified subscriber list, but I was never really sure how it could be done. One thing I saw recently was "VeeFriends" on Ethereum, Gary Vee made an exclusive NFT line, where holders would gain access to his annual conference meet-ups and be able to receive value directly on chain. I thought that was cool, but some of the NFTs are selling for thousands of dollars, but then again, I guess thats bringing extreme value to early supporters who want to resell later. The value that be brings to his followers, sparks a chain of interest where new followers want to get into the club. This instantly reduces the ability for someone to "pretend" they are a supporter to take value from you. They physically need to have an item provided by you, It's like a membership. One project I recently worked on was Bitcoin Mining Friends, where collectively, we managed to acquire 4 ASIC devices and mine BSV as a community, bringing over 350 TH online. It's been going well, with many challenges to figure out and over come along the way. But I want to create a social community just focused around bitcoin in general. A community of enthusiasts who have similar interests. They want to share, spread value, create, and explore new services when they get released. But creating a tight community like that is challenging, of course with the lurkers just trying to take information, or socially engineer the movement, which is really frequent in BitcoinSV. I thought about creating a membership NFT, where everyone would purchase the NFT, so I know they are "invested" in the movement, and as a result, on the blockchain I would be able to confirm their participation. By holding the NFT, I would guarentee the gradual earning back of the cost, therefore making it free for the participants, but removing any non-supports from the equation. As a result, I created the "It's Daily" Exclusive NFT. There are 300 copies available. Each holder is guaranteed to receive back the purchasing cost over the next year. the first 25 copies are available for 0.5 BSV each, This will be the real go-getters in my community that support the movement to the fullest. The remaining 275 copies will be available for 0.75 BSV. Anyone who gets one of the first 25 NFTs, could easily re-flip at the remaining NFT cost, like concert ticket scalpers. By using this NFT, I will be able to use services such as to airdrop new NFTs, tokens, and more directly to all the holders of the NFT. I will be able to airdrop Bitcoin SV that has been acquired from services and mining over the next year, directly to the NFT holders. It's a club, and you have the chance to join now! If you want to get an Exclusive NFT, grab yours now!

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