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So, you've always wanted to mine bitcoin, but you don't grasp the technicals? Maybe power is too expensive in your area, or you can't handle the noise. I feel you, most of us have been there. We all value the network, but it's hard to get involved beyond being a user. It's really expensive to purchase mining equipment, and it keeps getting more expensive every time you browse. There is a major lack of mentors locally sometimes. A lot of the time, you just might not be tech savvy enough to get the hang of it alone, even after reading every guide, you don't feel confident enough. I know. I mined bitcoin on a PC back in 2011, when google didn't even HAVE search results for bitcoin, let alone being able to run into someone on the street that had some knowledge. This gets you discouraged. So you don't participate. But you watch from the sidelines as everyone else benefits from the rush of Bitcoin Mining. They say it's never too late, but you always feel like your want to purchase hardware too early. You keep researching and learning. Saving your money for that solid device. But just as you're ready to buy. Out of Stock. Damn. Or maybe, the price just doubled. You check your power costs. The rate has gone up. You lost the bookmark with the easy to follow guide, or that high traffic ASIC marketplace. You give up again, and more months pass that you watch everyone benefit from mining BitCoin. How do you get involved in this thing? There has got to be some method right? I came up with an idea - to hopefully get everyone in the community involved, based on what they can manage. We all know our budgets, but in most cases, it's always nowhere near the ever rising hardware costs to mine BitCoin. BitCoin was designed to be community focused, peer to peer, with grass roots initiatives that spark inspiration in others to go bigger, and farther, with smaller niches working together to shape the future for what they wanted to have access to with trusted data. We've come together pretty well over the years for many different causes. We helped our graphic designer Bianca raise emergency money in the Philippines during natural disasters. We've contributed to many amazing projects. We shared high paying Free Faucets to load our crypto bags during the entire bear market. We played games together. We learned how to create value on social networks and we learned the value of some tokens, and the benefits they can bring with record keeping and data transparency. We've learned a lot together. Let's try earning something new - Bitcoin Mining. As a community. I believe we can come together as a team, and form what I believe, would be the first Pool Funded Bitcoin Mining Experiment. What do I mean by this exactly.. Well, I like to believe we all trust each other, we have formed friendships and offered support many times. We've worked as a team, a community, and friends. I believe we can come together, and raise ourselves higher by pooling our funds together to purchase a bitcoin miner, and direct our hash rate towards a mining pool to share the rewards as a team working together. Mining is profitable, but expensive for each do alone. Together it's manageable! Working as a team is economical, and much better for the environment! We all know miners are extremely expensive for average joe's. The top end miner currently runs about $12,000 USD. That's a lot of cake for one person saving up - putting normal life expenses aside. But if even just 20 people came together on that cost, it would bring it down to a mere $600 per person. There are many mining profit calculators available online - in most instances, they calculate that it takes roughly 1 year to return the cost of the hardware, not accounting for bitcoin price differences during that time. Regardless if 1 or 20 people went in on a hardware purchase, if rewards were shared equally, the investment return would be the same time span. But how do we ensure fair distribution of block rewards, literally based off how much you contributed? Tokenization. A closed end system where each individuals contribution is recorded as a allocation of the overall token supply. I'll explain a little more about this below, but most of you have learned about token allocations and token holdings percentages of total supply before. As a community I believe with like minds, we can come together to secure hardware and support the Bitcoin Blockchain. I can manage the hardware operation myself, as the trusted party and distribute rewards accordingly. There is trust, but blockchain was literally built on trust. No one is forcing you to participate, but this can be a true social experiment to show the rest of the world what a community is capable of, during a time where community is something that seems hard to come by. I've structured some information for this pilot project that I would like to share below. There is a telegram group created where many of us have been sharing ideas and getting started.

You can access the telegram group here

Ape Community Mining for Gorilla Pool

(open to inputs, adjustments and criticism, these are the base ideas)

Contribute BitCoin BSV to help DigitalCurrencyDaily purchase mining equipment for the purpose of securing hash power towards the BitCoinSV mining pool “”. The idea is to come together as a community to secure permanent hash power on the network, rather than the community renting temporary hash power for the pool or managing hardware individually.

When the mining equipment is running, operational costs will be deducted from the mining rewards.

75% of the remaining mining rewards will be airdropped to DCDMF token holders on a weekly basis.

25% will be withheld for Future Equipment Purchases or Unforeseen Operating Expenses.

Digital Currency Daily Mining Fund Token

Max Token supply 50,000 DCDMF

For each 0.01 BSV donated to the funding wallet, you will get 1 DCDMF token

0.01 BSV = 1 token

1 BSV = 100 tokens

If 10 BSV = 1,000 tokens

If 100 BSV = 10,000 tokens

New Tokens would only be released from the main holding wallet if additional BSV is needed to purchase additional equipment or repairs.

If no new hardware is being purchased, no new tokens will be added to circulating supply.

Funding Wallet

PayMail Address -

Bitcoin Address - 1BdtywPjMr1DKQLT27X9c6wA5qs9QzHkpZ

Phase 1

Softcap (minimum target) - Purchasing 2 Antminer S9 = $2000 USD.


Hardcap (maximum target) - 1 Antminer S19J / S19 = $10,500 - $12,500 USD.

Reward Distributions

For this example, we demonstrate using 1600 tokens in the circulating supply.

Each token is equal to 0.01 BSV, therefore 16 BSV in total would be deposited to the funding wallet.

If a community member donated 3 BSV, they would get 300 of the 1600 tokens.

DCDMF token is a record of events on the BSV blockchain that displays the token holder's address on a public ledger, and the tokens would represent how much BSV the token holder has contributed, compared to the overall token holders.

When BSV is acquired from mining with the gorilla pool, the individual holding 300 of 1600 tokens would receive 18.75% of the eligible block rewards acquired for holding 18.75% of the total token supply (300 of the 1600).

With the contributors full input, the Reserve Fund may be utilized to upgrade and/or repair equipment and DCDMF token holders will be able to contribute additional BSV towards scaling the project, to receive additional tokens which are used to determine how much of the Block Rewards they receive.

Gorilla Pool is a new community focused mining pool that anyone can contribute hash power towards to increase the likelihood of all contributors earning from blocks created together.occur. We will mine with Gorilla Pool, who is currently mining 1-3 blocks per day, aiming to mine up to 10 blocks per day.

Gorilla Pool is a new community focused mining pool that anyone can contribute hashpower towards to increase the likelihood of all miners earning from blocks created together more frequently.

It is not likely that DCDMF token will trade on an exchange, however, p2p trading would be available should a token holder no longer want to be eligible for future airdrops from the block rewards acquired.

First token round will be Approx 1,500 DCDMF (depending on total pledges). Join the telegram to participate

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