NFT Raffle for two Physical BSV coins!

I am hosting a raffle for two physical BSV coins. Anyone that has a Relay X wallet, and some BSV will have a chance to win one of the two coins. I have purchased these coins from @satoshivbitcoin on twitter a few weeks ago. I have purchased a coin signed by Craig for myself, as well as two additional coins to host a contest with. The coins were initially included as prizes within the secret santa NFT, but had not been purchased for the reveal. I am listing 200 NFTs priced at 0.01 BSV each, about $1 USD per ticket.

Once all the tickets have sold, the NFT will reveal two winners. The NFT image will change to display whether you won or not. If you are one of the winners of the coins, send me a message on twitter @digitalcdaily to redeem the coin. Shipping costs will be included! Get your ticket for $1.00 / 0.01 BSV here -

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