Secret Santa NFT reveal is LIVE!

It's live! The Secret Santa NFT reveal is finally here! For the holidays, I have chosen to give back to families in need by leveraging blockchain technology and creating a fun event that everyone can participate in, for a good cause. 200 NFTs in a collection, will sell for 0.25 BSV. The proceeds will be donated to families in need for the holiday season! Once all of the NFTs have sold, the cover photo will reveal a physical or digital prize that can be redeemed by the holder for the following 90 days. Participants can sell or trade their prizes using the BSV blockchain and Relayx. Many prizes are available in the reveal, including but not limited to: 1 BSV NFTs 0.1 BSV, 0.25 BSV, and 1 BSV BMF positions 10G silver bars 5G silver bars TSC tokens ZAT tokens TestNet BSV & more To redeem a gift revealed in the NFT collection, contact me on Grab your tickets here - ONLY 200 TICKETS AVAILABLE! I want to personally thank every sponsor that participated in making this happen! Relayx has donated 5 Virtual Visa Cards Relica has donated 10 $20 Relic NFTs Gorilla Pool has donated TestnetBSV, DSV, and NFTs XStream has donated NFTs Grayfox Inc has donated VIP NFT CheesyFace Brand has donated gift cards to their merch store CUB has donated NFTS BMF has donated positions in phase 3, which will award BSV acquired from contributing hashpower to Gorilla Pool to mine BSV. Genuine Retweets has awarded marketing credits for the event as well! Let's have a fun holiday event, and make the holidays rememberable for those less fortunate

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