Seeking Developers in JavaScript to contribute for Hand Cash integration.

Hey everyone!

I wanted to share an update on where we are and where we aim to go with developments. In a aim to increase communication with the community, I am also seeking some assistance on behalf of the development team!

I am researching information about migrating the platform onto the BitCoin blockchain and making some changes to everything in regard to functionality.

The goal is to have the website function the same as it does on TRON, allowing users to gain access to BitCoin based services, provide on chain immutable reviews, and provide tutorials on getting started using the technology, while using BitcoinSV to enable the functionality.

To accomplish this task requires integration of Handcash via javascript and Money Button via HTML coding. In basic terms, these are Bitcoin SV protocol services that allow for processing micro payments from merchant-consumer, as an example.

The current problem with just placing a Money Button (MB) is with the configuration of MB itsself.

MB functions in a way that the website programming code itsself would not be able to acknowledge that a payment has been completed by MB. The MB will allow for the payment to be processed, as displayed on these articles as an example using the HTML code, but there isn't a direct way for our website to communicate that a payment has completed to process content submission automatically as currently done by TRON.

What Me and the developers are thinking on currently, is sort of creating a manual approval process to circumvent this MB restriction. In short, users complete a MB playment to add a service - a record is created of the submission data and would be reviewed for confirmation of payment received, and once confirmed, the submitted information would be published as a new service. This may require a processing time up to 72 hours for new submissions to appear.

Currently on the TRON layout of the platform, we have noticed some users freely burning DCD just to "test" the functions I assume.

This causes somewhat of a blank section on the site inside the Access Crypto section, as they upload NULL data and burn tokens. This action requires manual moderation to remove the blank sections displayed by the empty submissions that are auto-posted.

A way to avoid this is to have a review process where we would provide oversight to the content as mentioned above. It would be preferred if this can be avoided, but maybe an option is that we run a test for a period of time and see which is more functional and preferred by users, whether that be Handcash via javascript or MB via HTML.

Handcash should be capable to auto approve posts once a user processes the payment - a reflection of this can be seen in the post submission process of Twetch social platform, however, our developers are limited in this regard. our lead developer is capable of programming in HTML and PHP, while our Backend Contract dev specifically works with smart contracts on Blockchain, leaving us short for full stack java development.

My mission with this post is to find someone perhaps within our community who is capable of programming with javascript and would like to jump in, contribute and maybe learn a bit along the way, while sharing expertise.

Digital Currency Daily has always been a community effort, where we contribute the growth of the blockchain space.

If you feel that you may be suited for this spot and could lead the way for java integration of handcash into our network, Please, reach out to us! Let's come together and build the future of access points for newcomers looking to get started. I believe we can do this as a team.

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