The miners are hashing!

It's been a long journey over the past 2.5 months with many obstacles, but I am pleased to share that as of November 26, 2021, all four miners that we purchased are officially hashing with gorilla pool on the BSV Blockchain! We're running an Antminer s19j PRO, Antminer T19, and two Canaan Avalon 1246s! Initially there were some troubles with air cooling inside the sound boxes I had built, but after some tinkering, I've managed to figure it out and get temperatures under control. There has been no issues with any miners since adjusting the airflows. I will be making slight modifications to the boxes in the future with foam board and will post an e-book on the design patterns if anyone is interested in building it at home, stay tuned for that. The sound box doesn't entire muffle the sound, but it really helps make the sound of the miners totally bearable, if placing the devices in a basement. The heat exhausted by these devices can eliminate heating costs for a 3600 sq foot house, if managed correctly.

Phase 01 is hashing approximately 95-117 TH. This phase consists of the Antminer S19j PRO.

Phase 02 is hashing approximately 225-265 TH. This phase consists of the Antminer T19, & 2x Canaan Avalon 1246. The community has voted, and decided to receive rewards from the miners on a monthly basis. BSV counts for total mined coins will be updated as each payout is issued from Gorilla Pool. I'm very excited to have achieved the first steps of this goal. I'm looking forward to growing the community, and expanding knowing around mining bitcoin in a residential environment. Stay tuned for the next addition of BMF coming soon!

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