Progress on platform transition.

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out this blog update. I just wanted to share a quick update for everyone on where we are currently at in regard to the progress on redesigning the platform to accommodate bitcoinSV implementations

We’ve been hard working on the BitCoin apps page, testing different routes to take using the Money Button software available. We’re working on creating the user interface that everyone will interact with, and the functionality that will allow individuals to submit a service for a small fee in BSV, and then, once the service appears in the list of other services, users can review the service for a smaller fee. This smaller fee to review a service will be distributed and split between the user who submitted the service originally and the platform itself. This will create an incentive model for the communtiy to develop and/or share new services available, and encourage use so that others review and they may earn back to fee spent to submit the service. Additionally, all reviews that are submitted to each service, will be eligible to be tipped in BSV directly by other community users who find value in the reviews, the same will follow for tutorials that are submitted to each service. A Money Button BSV wallet will be required in order to submit services as well as review services and submit tutorials. However, all services, tutorials, and reviews, will be publicly accessible to those who don't wish to participate but want access to the information. Fees and tips will be reserved for those contributing to the expansion of accessible information. More information about these developments will be shared as we get closer to releasing the page and the features for everyone to begin utilizing. If you haven't already created a Money Button wallet, Please - Go to and set up your wallet so that you have it ready. All fee's will be based in DUROS. Money Button does not directly support DUROS, unlike Hand Cash, but 1 DUROS is always equal to 0.00000500 BSV Satoshis. Therefore since DUROS are simply a unit of account, we can represent fees accordingly. Always remember, 10 DUROS - 0.00005000 BSV. 1 DURO = 0.00000500 BSV. This will allow us to easily split and redirect tip payments to members contributing information to the platforms growth and adoption. We hope to see you all in the telegram community, Please join in on the conversation.

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