Want to contribute BSV towards purchasing miners and earn interest?

Bitcoin Mining Friends is back and scaling the network again! I'm seeking out to buy more ASIC miners with your help! This NFT collection has been created for BMF / Bitcoin Mining Friends. The Bitcoin SV community can participate in growing the Bitcoin SV network together. These NFTs are deemed as loan contracts. The buyer agrees to lend BMF/DCD the amount of BSV displayed on the NFT for a minimum 1 year period and will receive 15% interest, paid in BSV. The BSV collected is used to purchase ASIC mining equipment to increase the hash power and security of BitcoinSV and help fight against potential attacks on the network. Every recipient will receive back the BSV spent, plus the interest after a minimum 1 year period. Buyers are responsible for any taxation obligations in their jurisdictions for receiving interest on loaned funds. Buyers can exchange their loan-agreement NFTs to other lenders, or sell their loans to other lenders. There is a 1% royalty fee on loan exchanges. Exchanges can be done on RelayX for escrow, simply by listing the NFT for sale, and having the recipient purchase it. The loan will be repaid at the NFT face value plus interest, regardless of the secondary market price paid. NFTs will be redeemed with Mr.DCD upon repayment of BSV loan. Want to contribute BSV towards ASIC miners and support the network? Get your NFT loan now! Recap: Bitcoin Mining Friends is a community effort by bitcoin enthusiasts managed by Aaron/ Mr.DCD. In previous contribution openings, BMF has collected approximately 340 BSV towards the purchase of 4 bitcoin ASIC miners. BMF has already purchased 1 Antminer s19j PRO, 1 Antminer T19, and 2 Canaan Avalons 1246 for a combined hash rate of 350 TH, these miners have come online in November 2021. To date, BMF has already mined and refunded the initial contributors over 20 BSV, growing each day. Bitcoin Mining Friends plans to expand the hash power under management on the bitcoin SV blockchain, and expand mining capabilities in the direction towards full node management. BMF plans to seek a dedicated location for miner hosting, rather than the distributed model currently being utilized. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on twitter @digitalcdaily

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