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Welcome to BMF Zone

I have been in the background working on the website and exploring new alternatives to the social media world, and I've come to the realization that we really don't need an extra social media, and we don't need to utilize all of them every day. We just need to be able to communicate with each other on a mutually agreeable level.

So for me, that will become this forum for anyone that wishes to contact me, they will be able to reach me here. I will be looking to improve the website over the coming weeks as well as the fprum here, where you can share information on wide range of topics without fear of censorship for having a different opinion like on other social media platforms where everyone is congregated and forced to be exposed to opinions of outright deceivers.

I will try to share mining information on this new forum as well as share access points for bitcoin, so that people can begin to access this new currency that we will be utilizing in the near future

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